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This is a back-up journal in case of outages for the LJ community PicoWriMo.

PicoWriMo started out as a place for people who wanted to participate in some of the madness and achievement of NaNoWriMo, but wanted a more realistic target - say 500 or 5000 words.

We got together for November 2006. Members set their own goals for the month, and it was so successful that we decided to go again in November 2007. And again, and again, and again... In 2011 we had our first summer Pico, battling bravely through the great LJ outage.

We have daily prompts during November for people to post about the progress they're making and to give encouragement to others to hit their writing targets.

There are no goals other than those you set for yourself, and no compulsion beyond what you put upon yourself. There are no limits on genre, style, age, or experience, and both fiction and non-fiction are welcome.

Participants are welcome to post excerpts (rated for a general audience), ask questions and for advice, provide insight into the writing life, and so on. Although we are not a reviewing, editing, or beta-reading community, links to completed stories are also welcome.

The only thing we ask is that you help keep the atmosphere friendly and supportive.
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